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Washer Repair

A washer is an important every day necessity and they are meant to handle one of the most time consuming household tasks. Hill Country Appliance Repair's technicians are factory trained to diagnose and service the problem occuring with your washer. Damaged clothes, wasted water, Hill Country residents rely on our Appliance Repair company to have their washer up and running fast and effectively saving you a trip to your local laundromat, or cost of purshasing a new one. Contact us to have your washer serviced. 

Hill Country Appliance Repair offers complete maintenance and repair for all major brands of washers. We handle all makes and models. Call us today for a free service call with your repair!

Free Service Call with Repair!

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  • When your washer's hot water is not working, it can be several different factors.

  • Check to make sure the hot water is working in your home.

  • Check to see if the hot water going to the washer is turned on.

My washer's hot water isn't working anymore.
  • Hill Country Appliance Repair is certified in all washer repairs, when hearing loud noises in your washer it can be a sign of your washer needing service.

My washer is making loud noises when washing.
  • If your washer has a lint filter, clean it regularly. This will prevent odors and promote better water flow within the washer.

  • If you have just washed a load of clothes that faded significantly, clean the washer before doing the next load of clothes. This will prevent dye transfer.

  • Front-loading washers are prone to odors caused by mildew and detergent build-up. There are commercial cleaners that can be used. Or, some manufacturers recommend cleaning the washer each month by running a regular cycle with one cup of chlorine bleach to help reduce the risk of mold buildup. Check your owner's manual for their recommendations.

  • Top loading washer should also be cleaned regularly by running a cycle with hot water and a cup of distilled white vinegar. This will remove any residual detergent build-up and freshen the machine.

  • For both types of washers, leaving the door open until the washer is completely dry will help prevent odors and mildew growth. The washer should be dry within two to three hours.

How can i keep my washer running like new?
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